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Roundafire is a South African children’s books and digital publishing App for primary school children meant to be used on iPads and later on all Android tablets.

We aim to establish and encourage a culture of reading in our society and what a better way to start at the grassroots level with our children. Furthermore, we wish to address some of our country’s literacy problems using modern-day technology and we hope to get the product to as many kids in our country as possible. So we invite you to join us and be a part of our journey and download the App.

Our vision and mission:

Company Vision

Endless story time for everyone.

‘Every child deserves to read’ – and it is from this tenet that the Roundafire team will work tirelessly to produce endless reading material for our country’s children.

 Company Mission

We want to afford all children within our diverse, multicultural and multilingual society the opportunity to experience the joy of story through publishing stories in some of our country’s local languages.

The stories on the Roundafire App are written by fellow South Africans and thus are told from our view (the African point of view) and these are stories our children can relate to and that parents as well can relate to.

This is a great platform for all South African children’s writers to get published. An opportunity they otherwise wouldn’t get from traditional publishers.

 Benefits of the App:

  • It will serve as a platform for leisure reading for the young ones.
  • New stories will be uploaded regularly.
  • Children can read across different genres.
  • It will host stories in other local languages – Tswana, Zulu and Afrikaans as a start.

Although we have launched with a low number of stories that are predominantly English, the plan is to grow our library and exemplify our country’s demographics.

Please support our App and download now from the App store and get free stories for your children to enjoy. You can further support us by following our social media pages for updates and news.

And don’t forget to let your friends and family know of us…


  1. innocentia says:

    My son is 9 years old cannot read how must I help him

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